JCT Variable Lease

Below is a sample proforma to calculate an estimate of what your fixed expenses and variable expenses may be. The highest truck payment has been inserted to calculate the expenses. Truck payments do vary according to tractor and year. Fuel Surcharge is an example of what we paid our contractors on a recent week based on the DOE National average that same week as listed below.

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  • 50K oil filter change interval
  • Base Vehicle coverage 4YR/500K (includes HVAC systems)
  • Comprehensive 5YR/700K After-treatment (DPF & DEF systems)
  • Comprehensive Engine Coverage 5YR/700K
  • Tow Coverage 4YR/500K
  • Glued in, curved windshield to reduce downtime for windshield replacement


  • Roll Stability Control
  • Bendix Air Disc Brakes on steer axle, oversized rear Bendix air brake package
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • High visibility seat belts with indicator lamp and buzzer
  • Truck Lite LED Headlamps, cab lights, rear work lights, stop, tail, turn, backup lamps and backup alarm.
  • Bluetooth Radio
  • Dual 4 way Moto Mirrors
  • 4S/4M ABS with Hill Start Aid, and automatic traction control
  • Steering wheel controls


  • Wind tunnel tested over 2,500 hours and 16 months
  • Optimized Aerodynamics
  • Paccar MX-13 455 -1700 torque 1550/1750@1000 rpm
  • Eaton Fuller Transmission FAOM15810C 10Speed Advantage Series
  • 2.93 rear axle ratio with matching Dana DSP41 rear ends for maximum fuel economy
  • 10w30 engine oil
  • Eaton Roadranger synthetic lube in steer/rear axle


  • Kenworth GT702 HB with Dura Supreme material with nice air ride suspension
  • Kenworth GT702 HB with Dura Supreme material Passenger seat with Air Ride and Swivel for access to work station with desk
  • Factory installed refrigerator and compartment and plug for apartment size microwave
  • Plenty of standing and leg room
  • 76” Raised roof with double bunk/ with workstation and TV mount
  • Full bunk storage
  • Kenworth Radio with AM/FM/ WB/ CD/USB/ Bluetooth and Sirus XM
  • 42x80 Pocket Coiled Spring Mattress & 30x78 memory foam upper mattress
  • 13.2K Dana steer axle
  • Carrier Comfort Pro APU with Hotel Load

Estimated Compensation
Package Calculator

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  • As of April 2019
  • Current fuel
    surcharge is $0.30 Per Mile
  • Current fuel
    cost is $3.08 Per Gallon

Please use these figures in the corresponding GREEN FIELDS below to calculate the most accurate estimate